Raj Varma

For the last 8-9 years, I have been making all my investments in mutual funds, through I-solutions only. I have no hesitation in saying that I have always received sound advice and guidance and I am completely satisfied with the performance of my investments. The proof of this is that over the years, I have recommended I-solutions to many of my friends/contacts and all of them, without exception, are very happy.The personal touch that Bhavin and Lokesh provide, their attitude towards all their clients, big or small, their integrity and promptness in service with the smile are difficult to match. On this occasion of I-solutions achieving, successfully the milestone of 10 years, I wish them all success and prosperity in the future.FOR SOLUTIONS TO YOUR INVESTMENT ISSUES, GO TO I-SOLUTIONS.

Sanghrajka’s & Jessica

A decade ago, it was time for me to take over my dad’s long list of investments as he was retiring, came across I-solutions and was blessed to have always being guided rightly. With less of greed, but more to take care of clients needs and satisfaction has always been I-solutions right way of moving further at work. Been quite lost with quite a few records, I-solutions services have been par excellence and has been my dad’s financial support system all throughout with their right guidance. My best wishes and my parent’s blessings truly for Lokesh & Bhavin. May you always grow & grow and let your sincerity, honesty and hardwork pay off every bit. This year 2018, we Sanghrajka’s celebrate our 10 peaceful years with I-solutions.

Rupali Gandhi

Met the I-solutions duo around 4/5 years ago, from the very beginning they projected enterprise & resourcefulness 3 TENSE – A wonderfully designed comprehensive data software. (Really well thought out) “YOUR INVESTMENTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS”. FUND SERIES – I enjoy the colorful presentation of recommendations, an apt snapshot of funds, its managers, AUM and all its relevant. DETAILS – What you need to know, most striking part about Lokesh bhai & Bhavin bhai is their personal interface which I value the most.Wishing them all the very best in all their endeavors.

Dr. Arvind Sardesai

I came in contact with shri Lokesh & shri Bhavin through my son, both of them have given me sound and very professional advice regarding my financial investments which otherwise with my limited knowledge I would not have been able to achieve. They are very hardworking, honest& interest upper most in their dealings.On this occasion, I wish them and their company a bright future and plenty of prosperity.

Makarand Sardesai

Great job bhavin,lokesh and team i-solutions. I am firstly grateful to all of you to help me streamline my finances.Your advice and solutions were sound and timely. Thank you very much, wish all of you a great success for the future. All the very best.

D.S. Katoch & Family

In 2000 my son with Engineering degree got a job in INFOSYS a well known Software Company in Bangalore. He opened his account In ICICI Bank and suggested me to open a joint account in ICICI Bank Mumbai for easy transfer of money. Ghatkopar (East) was the nearest ICICI Bank Branch from Anushaktinagar where I was staying in BARC colony. We opened this Account in later part of 2000. Noticing good amount in the Account I was advised to invest in ICICI Bank schemes and was introduced to LOKESH who was managing Bank’s Investment Section. With previous investment experience I was vigilant about his advice. With time I realised that he explains all aspects of the Mutual Fund schemes. It is from him that I learned that each scheme invests specific portion in Equity and rest in other options. Specifically investment in Equity determines growth and risk. With time I started understanding these aspects. But the most important aspect that I realised was that here is a person who is educating me about all aspects of the proposed schemes, besides the manner he conduct himself, I realised he is truly my well-wisher. With time our personal relations became very cordial even at family level. My son and daughter who by 2010 were well placed became familiar with Lokesh, his family and business partner Bhavin. Today my family appreciates the relationship with I-Solutions Wealth Advisory and the wealth creation achieved by associating with them. During this period because of their dedicated work I-Solutions has achieved remarkable Business Status. We wish them improved pace of progress


Alok Mathur

I congratulate Lokesh bhai &Bhavin bhai along with the entire team of I – Solutions on the occasion of 10th anniversary of their operations. It is indeed an occasion to celebrate this important milestone. It is now almost 9 years since I was introduced to I – solutions(lokesh&bhavin) and ever since then, my investment portfolio has been looked after by them.Over these years I have found them very knowledgeable in their field and they have rendered very sound advice on portfolio management.Always smiling and willing to respond quickly to my calls, both Lokesh & Bhavin are very pleasant individuals to deal with. I wish them and the I – Solutions team all the very best in future

Akshay Chadha

I have known Lokesh & Bhavin for 10 years and more. It is sometimes easy to forget that they also handle my wealth. I – Solutions feels like my very own family. They know the time meaning of long term investments & relationships. For me an my entire family they have created wealth and also security. All of us wish them another 90 plus years of success.Their simplicity and honest approach will always separate them from others.

Abdul Nazar

Hearing Lokesh & Bhavin (I-Solutions) celebrating 10th successful years in field of wealth advisory. I congratulate them & wishing them more and more successful milestones ahead in there career. At my office many financial advisor & banker keep chasing us for investments but services treatment and knowledge is almost out of the crowd with Lokesh and Bhavin.On lighter side they keep coming to me on and off to my office, even though I am busy. I meet them, we sit for hours because, I feel stress free with them discussing on many topics like politics, finance, industry.I call for juice for them which is very rare for others. I appreciate their hard work on follow up and continuous visit which was made them successful in their business I wish them good luck for the coming years and their unity.

Mansukhlal Sanghrajka

Lokesh bhai & Bhavin bhai… Congratulations to the entire team of I – solutions on completion of 10 successful years. I – solutions is a one stop shop for most financial solution.Your service and response is excellent .You are in tune with what is happening in the financial world. This helps you to take action quickly and efficiently. You genuinely believe in getting the best returns for your clients. What I like is their in depth analysis while prove doing any solution. Their monthly and quarterly review of the portfolio with clients is always appreciated with lokesh bhai and bhavin bhai, you always gets to learn something and always updated with new products.I am so happy because of your timely and valuable advise has given a correct direction to our portfolio On this blissful and charming day of your 10th anniversary, may you continue the journey of success with pride.Wishing you all happiness and many more years of success. Great to be associated with you both and looking forward for many more relationship with your company.

Ketan Kothari

The best thing about I Solutions is the fact that they take care of you completely. They treat you like your family, take care of your money with the right solutions and give end –to-end services.

Karishma Gajra

Wishing the I Solutions team all the best for the future yrs to come .They have given excellent advice in terms of Investment

Ashwin Bondal

I have known Lokesh and Bhavin right from the time they started out on their own. I was impressed by their enterprise and capacity for hard work .This along with the fact that they had a good grasp of the money market and also a sense of commitment to their to their customer ,made me entrust them to manage my investments.Over the years they have proved that my trust was well placed and have grown and developed steadily but surely. Their approach to providing a complete solution to their customers will stand them entrust them to manage my investments.Over the years they have proved that my trust was well placed and have grown and developed steadily but surely .Their approach to providing a complete solution to their customers will stand them in good stead and I am sure that they will continue to evolve and grow in the future as they have done so far.I wish them all success in their endeavor.

Shamshad Khan

Lokesh and Bhavin,
Thank you for partnering with me and my family for 10 long years. You have been there for me even at time when communicating from USA had its own challenges. Your financial advice and my well being is much appreciated .Wishing you two more success to come your way!!

Sarfaraz Shaikh

We collaborated with I solutions their beginning years. And it’s been a wonderful journey of trust and friendship .They have us very profitable advice on some funds, which not only helped us , in some of our urgent needs ,but also made us invest in some schemes ,to secure our future and children’s ,so keep up your hard work ,to make money for us and yourself !!

Unni Krishnan VS

More successful years ahead …..let it move to a 1Billion dollar business within next 10 years. Happy to know your company is stepping the 1st milestone, a decade in the financial wealth business. It reflects the customer acceptance on the individuals and the company.I am confident with prudent steps toward wealth management and the trust customer will have, this company should be able to grow much further and reach more milestones keepings values and financial disciplines to the utmost value.

Sujata Achrekar

I met Lokesh before I –Solutions was born. Due to busy work schedules, investment strategies and execution was a problem. I used to make very few investments. But I was reluctant to rely on any of the investment advisors, especially as I would do only long term investments. Sometimes I could not express my concerns to them about the investment advices these Advisors would give... Lokesh came to me, talked to me initially just to understand how I look at my investments and what have been my expectations and why... Then he discussed and prepared me for charting my goals over next 20-25 years. And then the strategies and investment plans were drawn... Discussed, modified ... And then the execution ... This was very important for me, as it was my ‘Peace Plan’, my Insurance... He became my friend in need ... So when Lokesh and Bhavin started I Solutions, I was there. The team has worked for my investments, have probably tolerated my non-responsiveness on busy work days...Weeks... months... But persuasively got through me. Helped me complete my investments as per plan... Responded with MIS on my investments, Tax computations of investment gains and many tasks along the investments. My investment plans as drawn and executed by Lokesh, Bhavin and their team helped me meet my objectives. Realise my Peace Plan irrespective of the turmoils in the stock market. All this is because they understand their client, their needs, objectives... Are skilled in guiding the client with appropriate path for long and short term... strike a balance between two. They work with clients not for investments... but for the client’s objectives.. Walk with the client the entire path... from timing the investments, maintaining, monitoring, modifying as per the objective only when required, exiting when appropriate. Relentlessly work for that. Their success story is their clients who do not / would not move out... Have happily relied on them and are still happy about it.

Gaurav Aggarwal

After working closely for more than 10 years, we would like you to know that we appreciate and value your loyal assistance. We have watched you grow to a thriving business and sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business.We look forward to many more years of mutually beneficial association wand wish your company the success that it deserves.

Dr. Pradeep Pendse

Congratulations to Bhavin & Lokesh and the I solutions team on completing 10 eventful years –I have seen them grow from early days –the unique combination of formal BFSI background and professional aporoach which Lokesh bring coupled with Bhavin’s entrepreneurial ; intuitive and relationship based approach backed by an efficient back office has lead to the success of I –solutions –they have also been endearing –one other facet about them has been that they have always kept the clients interest at the forefront. They also have this openness to new ideas and new ways of doing business –the effort to build a fintech platform is one of the best examples of this –my meetings with them are usually 20% work related and 80% on varied topics –I am sure this openness and innovativeness will help them stay relevant –I am happy that they have reached the 10 year milestone and wish them a lifetime of success and prosperity to themselves and to everyone associated with I –solutions.

Kazi Nisar

Let me take this opportunity to appreciate your long years of services in wealth management. Through the years, you have consistently shown and given your best at all times .we truly appreciate the years and long services you committed with us .your dedication and loyalty will be forever cherished. More blessings to you as continue giving high quality services in industry. Congratulation on completion of your 10 years in this service. Let’s celebrated and cheers!

Sachin Kothari

Thank you for your excellent service. My investment basket in growing with the help of I solution. I would recommend I solution services to my family and friends. Their communication and reporting tools are very professional and helpful in every way.

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