Are you prepared for a natural disaster financially????? and documentary wise???? 

Natural disaster are unavoidable but one can be prepared to handle this and recover financially. 

Here are the three essential steps you need to take to overcome a disaster and get back financially on your feet.


#Build an emergency Corpus to cover your basic needs keep up bit extra for repair and renovation. 
#Review your insurance policies across all areas life, health, home and  car. Type of cover and adequate coverage.
# Secure important documents online like passport, aadhar card, pan card, policies, investment documents, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving licence, property papers, home loan Agreement and any other.

# Use your emergency fund like liquid funds. 
# Inform your bank to stop any auto debit payments. 
# Check with local authority or community about aid shelter or provisions being provided to cover daily needs.


# Contact your advisor to contact your insurance company for the claim. 
# Prioritise your spending and cut down cost. start rebuilding your emergency fund.

Here the advisor of yours plays a very important and supportive role to help you and your family members to do your claims paper work, as well as they know your total investment details which can be shared with family members if there is eventuality.

Sarthi Zaroori Hai
Pls share this with your near and dear ones who don't have right financial advisor. 

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